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I am a creative director and content creator. I have worked with clients across the globe, crafting unique visual concepts with a lasting impact. From brand identity and design to photography and videography, I am passionate about helping bring your creative vision to life. 

I have worked with businesses and brands in a vast number of industries including wellness, real estate, food and beverage and cannabis. Whether you are building a new brand, looking for a brand re-design, or want help curating content - I am here to help. 

Let's connect. 

Looking to build a new brand or perhaps need a refresh? I will help you with every step of the way. From colors, logo, product design, brand book and identity to discussing your vision and mission for your company - this is a curated experience just for you.  

I offer photography services for brands and personal projects. I am passionate about telling stories through the photography medium. For products I will set the scene to emphasize the packaging, ingredients and features that make your product unique. When working with people for lifestyle shoots, engagement, or portraits I love capturing real and raw moments that tell a story and share the natural beauty of the subject. 

Curated content is so important these days and can be a window into who we are as individuals and a brand. Our presence on social media, websites, branding and imagery can help you sell products, share your story and connect you with an audience. I offer creative and art direction for content creation for your instagram feed, to website design and photo shoots. 

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